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Sargaalaya, Iringal

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Tour Packages

Sargaalaya seems to be the finest spot to plan a picnic for school students. Reputed educational institutions organize their one-day trip to Sargaalaya which results in a joyful experience for the school students.

Category Package price
Lower Primary ₹160/Student
Upper Primary ₹180/Student
High School ₹200/Student

Ticket cost includes

  • Entry ticket to the Village
  • Craft Making Training
  • Break Fast, Lunch and Ice-cream
  • Pedal/Motor Boating
  • Aquarium

Terms and Conditions

1. School can book the packages by ringing up at 9446304222 any time in between 09 am and 08 pm.
2. One teacher will be accommodated free for every 15 students, with all the above mentioned facilities.
3. No parking fee will be charged for the vehicles under this package.
4. Outside food will not be allowed in the village.
5. All days including public holidays will be working except Mondays.


Tourists can book in advance for participating in craft workshops.

Craft workshops

Sl no. Item Amount per head*(₹) Remarks
1 Coir jewellery 6000 Traditional
2 Screwpine 6000 Traditional
3 Pottery 6000 Traditional
4 Paper Crafts 6000 Traditional
5 Terracotta Jewellery 6000 Traditional
6 Imitation Jewellery 6000 Traditional
7 Bamboo Crafts 6000 Traditional

Art workshops

Sl no. Item Amount per head*(₹) Remarks
1 Coir jewellery 9000 Traditional
2 Water Colour painting 9000 Traditional

Cultural Programs

Listed art forms will be performed upon request and tourists can do advance booking.
Sl no. Item Amount(₹) Remarks
1 Kathakali 40000 Group
2 Theyyam 20000 Group
3 Kalaripayattu 20000 Group
4 Folk Dance 20000 Group
5 Folk Music 20000 Group
6 Folk Dance 10000 Single
7 Bharatanatyam 10000 Single
8 Kerala Nadanam 10000 Single
9 Mohiniyattam 10000 Single

*Rate inclusive of Artisan Honorarium, Raw Materials and Administration Fee

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