Starting from the spot of location, everything in Sargaalaya is unique in its own way. It is not only the best of its kind but is the only kind of its type in the surrounding area. They can start with the visit to the main crafts sale point which is a collection of exquisite handicrafts from various parts of Kerala. Later, the visitors have the opportunity to go around the 28 crafts units, were craft items are made; you get to see how the traditional artisans craft the items in front of you. The visitors also have the opportunity to get training for one or two crafts items made in the village. There are facilities of both Pedal / Motor Boating for the visitors. There also functions a cafeteria in the premises that offers you with delicacies to fill your tastes. The spot of Iringal, with its rich natural beauty will give a soothing experience for every visitor to Sargaalaya.
The village comes out with Terracotta Sculpture,Terracotta Jewellery, Dry flowers , Cane Furniture, Coconut shell Jewelley, Palm fiber Mat, Coir Jewellery, Sea shell Craft and Seeds Jewellery, Screw Pine Products, Handloom, Handmade Bags, Ramcham, Tripura Bamboo Home décor items and Jewellery , Pooram craft, Glass Art, Pottery, Sculptures , Para Making, Kora Grass mat weaving, Uru Models, Bamboo Craft, Coconut Stem, Clay & paper Objects, Hay Art,  Paper Bags, Immitation Jewelley ,Metal engraving, Wood, Jute, Coconut Jewelley, Herbarium, Kerala Mural Painting, ChannaPattanam Toys, Soft Toys ,Paintings ,Metal Craft Temple art. There are also products from Andra Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, Nagaland etc.; made by the traditional artisans hailing from these states.

Commercial events take place at 4 auditoriums of various capacities. A riverside pavilion hall that can accommodate nearly 2000, and three other halls with capacity of 50, 200 and 600 people respectively. The infrastructure at Iringal has the potential to exist itself as a Retreat for Corporate Training meetings with Traditional Craft making skills being integrated as a leisure activity during these exercises. The 20 acres provide ample scope for various events and ceremonies with suitable accommodation, workshops and such other necessary infrastructure. This is the common infrastructure for skill development programs and various camps as well.

Ø  A cafeteria at the premises providing Kerala Delicacies and more.

Ø  Boating facility at the premises for both motor and pedal boating

Ø  Children’s Play area

Ø  Guest house

Ø  Aquarium

Sargaalaya also offers Internship and Project facilities for students on the available arts and crafts. Students from institutes like IICD, NIFT make use of these facilities. The entry fare is Rs. 30 for adults and 15 for children.