Sargaparampara – The creative workshop series

In 2015, ‘Sargaparambara’, a venture in Sargaalaya to bring the talented artists of India under one head was kick started in the month of May. Eminent artists from various parts of India participated in the workshop.  A Puthukotta style, terracotta workshop was organized as a part of this. All the visitors of Sargaalaya, including the international travellers had the opportunity to experience the making and molding of the unique terracotta sculptures.

Camps and workshops on traditional art and craft forms are a usual thing in Sargaalya. This is a unique and innovative venture that raises Sargaalaya to a higher level.

Sargaparampara- the series of different workshops each month is a multi-beneficiary program, which allows space for all those who are associated with it. The artisans of each craft come together at the village; they work on their craft for a period of time, spent time with the artisans and visitors here. The permanent artisans here get to know about the new trends of artisans around the globe. Interested arts personnel can keep themselves in tough with this crafts village always through these workshop even though they can’t be permanent artisans here.

This will also be a very different experience for the visitors who come here; Sargaalaya seems to be a never tiring-boring experience to visitors, for each time you come, it all new that you see here.


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